Things more immortal than MVP

Against the Grizzlies missed 1 rebound and fight with the sun lack of 2 assists.

But it is just matter of time! The Thunder against the Nuggets who are on the line after playoffs at American time Sunday 5 p.m.. 50 points with three double and offer lore goal, Westbrook's forty-second season three double transcend ancient and modern times,surpass the Oscar Robertson finally.

On the game against the Sun, there is a hidden data-when Westbrook get sixth assists on the spot, he has completed the season average data 30+10+10 lock ahead! Not only scoring three double average, but the 30+10+10 average of the three double on the court!

To be honest, when this data come true, at the moment of lore ball fell into the net and then looking back on Westbrook’s madness in this long season, it is really a majestic-looking. You can’t help saying oh my god!It’s too cruel and extremely powerful. You can use any word you can think to shout, or simply and firmly say that is niubility, it’s depend on you.

After this, that’s talking some serious things. Do you know one of the most problems I have received unexpectedly during this period from my friends is Westbrook took so many three double, does he really so terrific? How strong is he? Some people say that his data are brush out, is that so? In particular after all kinds of crazy pass in last section on the game with the Sun. After Westbrook tied the 41 times of three double record which set by Oscar Robertson. I’ve read many comments pretend to be calm. Whatever, we can see there are so many huge controversy and different expressions on Westbrook’s splendid miracle of three double.

I can understand the low comments about the three double record. Analysis of high-order data shows that Westbrook's ball usage is up to 41.7% in this season, not only higher than harden (34.2%), but up on Kobe (38.7%) who is No.1 in the previous history of one season won 81 points, so he is the first big slugger in history without dispute. When the ball on your hands, the team is belong to you.

The depth of rebound data also shows Westbrook’s pursuit of three double. He had 80.3% rebounds, from the back of the court without contension, which means that the center seized the position for him, only wait for Westbrook to take the ball. When it comes to second half of the season, observers have pointed out that when the opponent throw a foul shot, Westbrook is usually standing in the backboard position of center,so once the opponent does not goal in, Westbrook will be able to accept rebounds. All of this is the Thunder whole team create conditions for Westbrook to make a historical miracle.

So,if you want to say Westbrook and the Thunder does not pursues three double record data deliberately, that is a lie, anyone of us don't pretend to be so noble. Anybody whatching the game and understand it knows what's going on. If you define this as "brush data", it's not entirely unreasonable.

However, I want say something that maybe not reasonable, you can try to brush a data as this let me have a look. We are all mortals, don’t make things difficult for each other. And I’m not talk about mortals here, it's about the 450 players in the world's highest level basketball league, everyone is like a ferocious beast and transformers. All of these, if anyone thinks it's easy, you could brush one show to the world. It is not brush a 30 points while someone is not prepared, nor just right to get a three double, it’s 82 games, averaging 30+10+10! According to Westbrook’s playing, everybody knows he is the Thunder and the Thunder is him. Grab him is like subdue the Thunder, Westbrook is faced with nets above and snares below in every game! But even in such a difficult situation, he fight unrestrained and no one can stop him. Like the battle beat the Nuggets to broke the record, you can't count clearly how many games he saved and killed with his magic power. Not one night, it is one night after another. This is how a indomitable courage and determination, how the indestructible and durable his body is!

The games of this season coming so tight and many famous NBA stars have chosen to rest rotational, who can playing like Westbrook play everyday? If there is no extraordinary will and have a very strong body once-in-a-century, could you brush data like that? When everyone regard you as a thorn in the flesh, besieged by the enemy, really, don’t just sit there and say, you could have a try!

Some people said that Westbrook always plays in isolation. Yes, it depend how you define it. After all,ball is in his hands. The way he pass the ball is as the proverb says,don't loose the falcon until you see the hare. When the ball come to the hands of his teammates, the one need attack immediately, no room for adjustment basically. From the mode, opportunity, the penetrability and imagination of the way Westbrook passing the ball, we could feel that there is a gap between him and Lebron ,Harden in the league.

But it's not just a way to lead the team in the world. Not every core guard is like Steve Nash. Westbrook is not like Nash and Lebron, who follow him could get a big contract. But under the background of Durant ran away the Thunder and people are in a state of plaintive, Westbrook use his unparalleled courage to give the team confidence. His way is not to do psychological massage and Chicken Soup for the Soul, instead of said to teammates "I believe you can do it", he said "you can believe in me, we can do it." Ranking western conference sixth tell you that this lack of attack relatively team has always win. The team is willing to help him get the data, indicating that coach and teammates are very supportive of him.

Bros, don't be shy to admit that Westbrook’s playing are one of the most magnificent performance with personal heroism we have seen. It enough compared to Michael Jordan in the youth and Kobe after sending away O'neal.

So, will Westbrook win MVP? Averaged 30+10+10, 42 times of three double, do not win MVP is very exaggerated or not? Speaking more practically, not necessarily. He and Harden will be the closest and most competitive MVP in history. In previous years, more than 120 of the United States and Canada senior reporters and commentators will vote who is the winner, but in this season there are only more than 90 persons. Each person will write down the first five candidates in their heart of MVP, the first one get 10 points, second 7 points, the third, fourth and fifth get 5 points, 3 points and 1 point respectively. If the final total points appear the same, it need to compare who's first votes are more to decide the winner.

In this mechanism, the so-called parallel MVP is just a beautiful imagination, it’s impossible to appear. But based on my understanding of these judges, two of the most important points they will consider before make a choice are the achievements of team and the ability to drive their teammates (This is why Nash can get 2 times MVP consecutively). In these two points, Harden at a dominant position relatively. Although Westbrook has shocked the history of NBA, but Harden still slightly prevail in the traditional concept of MVP selection.

If I were eligible to vote, who would I vote for? It really a tough decision. MVP is the product of the value system and the logic of thinking. But no matter he win the MVP or not, I just want to say, when you look back the mighty history, something are more immortal than MVP. Before Westbrook, Oscar Robertson had finished the magic shows that got averaged three double every game in the 1961 to 62 season, but in that year he was only the third in the MVP selection, the winner is the leader of the Celtic Dynasty-Russell. In the 85 votes, Russell won the 51 first ballot. But more than 50 years later, Robertson's three double is more memorable than the MVP of that year. In the MVP's value system, Kobe has only got 1 time, but in the past 20 years, whose influence can be greater than Kobe? Every year there is a MVP, but who can be average 30+10+10 every game in a whole NBA season , only Westbrook now!

Some people ask me, will Westbrook can take a champion by this way? Will he change the playing style in the future? What I want to say is just living in this moment please and enjoy what he has done. Do something crazy and let your heart burning like Westbrook do when you still young. Maybe there still have someone don't understand and appriciate it, that's all right. When you are young, when you are personal independence of conduct, it is unnecessary to get identification from everybody, and expect a quiet world. Noisy is the right sound of your background! Just be yourself!